See the Audience View

The Audience View pane displays a thumbnail view of what attendees see when you share your screen. When you are the Presenter, you can easily see what your attendees are seeing by looking at the Audience View pane, which can help you confirm that they are only see what you want them to see (and remind you to turn on screen sharing if you've forgotten!). When you change Presenters, the Audience View pane will close and open on the Presenter's Control Panel.

Applies to the desktop app and iPad app only

Show the Audience View in the desktop app

The Audience View pane (Windows) or Screen Sharing pane (Mac) is automatically included in the Control Panel of the of the desktop app. Whoever is the current Presenter will see it in their Control Panel.

Show or hide "Audience View" in the iOS app (iPad only)

1. Tap the Screen Sharing icon .

2. Use the Audience View toggle to show or hide the pane. You can also tap the icon on the pane to close it at any time.


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