Start Unattended Support Sessions

Unattended support sessions are those in which agents access a customer's computer while they are not present at it (i.e., the customer's computer is "unattended").

Note: Access to the unattended support feature and tools (including those described here) is dependent upon your user group settings or individual user settings, which are set by your administrator.

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Connect to an unattended support computer from the GoToAssist Expert desktop application

In order for agents to connect to a computer via an unattended support session, Unattended access must be set up on the customer's computer.

  1. Start an attended support session from the GoToAssist Expert desktop application.
  2. Click Unattended Support in the toolbar and select View Unattended Computers.

    Note: If access to the Unattended Support feature has been disabled by your administrator, then the Unattended Support menu in the Viewer toolbar will be disabled (i.e., grayed out).

  1. Use the left navigation to find the correct device group and the desired unattended computer. Click Connect to be launched into a new session.

  1. Log in to the computer as follows:
    • If the customer stored their credentials with GoToAssist, click Log in on the stored password banner to be automatically logged in.

  • If the customer does not have any stored credentials, then you must log in with valid administrator credentials or obtain the customer's credentials.

Connect to an unattended support computer from the web

  1. Log in at and select the correct device group.
  2. Find the desired unattended support computer in either of the following ways:
    • On your Dashboard, hover your cursor over your desired device, then click Connect in the right navigation to launch the agent desktop application and connect to the unattended support computer.

  • On the Devices page. hover your cursor over the row of your desired device, then click Connect in the right navigation. This will automatically launch the GoToAssist Expert desktop application and begin connecting to the unattended computer.


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