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How do I view my recent GoToAssist Seeit sessions?

    You can view details of all the recent GoToAssist Seeit support sessions that have been hosted for the last two weeks in Recent Sessions.

    1. Sign in with your email address and password at
    2. Use the user account drop-down menu in the upper-left navigation, then select Recent sessions.
    3. All sessions you have hosted within the last 2 weeks are listed, including details such as:
      • Date & time the session was created (i.e., when the support session link was created, not the time the customer joined the session)
      • Agent's email address who hosed the session
      • Support key of the session that was created
      • Status of the session (started, joined, or finished)
      • Recorded (yes or no) if session recording occurred
      • Session data (available or no data), including a session recording, snapshots, photo notes applied to snapshots, and/or session notes.

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    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022