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The Queue Mode Portal Overview Monitor

    The Queue Mode Portal Overview Monitor displays a summary of activity for Queue Mode portals. Use this monitor to quickly ascertain the status of representatives, queries and sessions in the support queue. It may also be used to generate Snapshot Summary reports or view the Representatives and Active Queries monitors for a specific portal. The monitor refreshes every 30 seconds.

    Note: Queue Mode Portal Overview Monitor is only available for accounts with a GoToAssist Corporate Queue Mode portal.

    All portals are displayed by default when you add this monitor to your Dashboard. However, you can use the Portal drop-down menu to select your desired portals to monitor. The Queue Mode Portal Overview monitor includes the following information:

    • Portal: The name of the portal being monitored by the Dashboard
    • Queued: The number of queries waiting for support representatives to become available
    • Active Sessions: The number of support sessions currently in process
    • Multi-Sessions: The number of representatives currently in multiple chats/sessions
    • Remaining Capacity: The number of sessions that representatives can still support (total number of possible sessions minus queued queries and currently active sessions)
    • Max Wait: Elapsed time of longest waiting query
    • Logged In: Number of representatives logged in to HelpAlert
    • Available: Number of representatives not in session who are listed as Available
    • Not Available: Number of representatives who are either in session or listed as Not Available
    • % Answered in Goal: Percentage of all queries responded to within the specified goal time
    Note: The Percentage of Queries Answered in Goal (PQA) field is left blank if a goal time has not yet been designated - you can make a request to designate your Query Speed of Answer Goal for your account. Please get in touch with our Customer Care team by selecting Contact Support on this article.

    Article last updated: 2 November, 2022