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The Postings in the Queue Monitor

    The Postings in the Queue monitor displays all queries in the queue, as well as those still connecting to the queue. Use the Postings in the Queue Monitor to see how many postings are queued, how long they have been queued and how many customers are entering the queue.

    Note: Postings in the Queue Monitor is only available for accounts with a GoToAssist Corporate Queue Mode portal.

    The Postings in the Queue monitor includes the following information:

    • Status: Status of the query, as follows:
      • Posted - The customer's query has displayed to representatives.
      • Not Downloaded / Downloading - The customer is in the process of downloading the software.
      • Waiting for Representative / Waiting for Customer / Queue Join - Customer and representative are in stages of connecting.
      • Call Center Queued - Query has entered the queue to await the next available representative.
      • Aborted - All representatives have refused or ignored the query.
    • #: The posting's order in the queue
    • Session ID: The unique session identification number
    • Query: The text of the customer question
    • Time: The length of time the query has been in the queue
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022