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Team Messages

    Team managers can administer team messages for their assigned teams from the Team Messages page, which enables changes to be made to automated greetings, pre-scripted messages, and pre-scripted URLs.

    Change message settings for a team

    1. Click Teams in the left navigation and select the desired team, or add a new team.
    2. On the Team Settings tab, click Team Messages.
    3. Use the Team Messages tab to modify the message settings, as follows:
      • Automatic Greeting - An automatic greeting is sent to your customers when a session begins. You can edit or delete this message at any time. Click Create or edit a greeting to modify the greeting text. All future Chat sessions will now send the automated greeting.
        Note: The maximum character allowance for automatic greeting text is 250 characters for Flash Chat and 1,000 characters for HTML Chat.

      • Scripted Messages - Your Representatives will save time when they use scripted messages because they will not have to type frequently used responses. Click Create and manage message categories to group scripted messages into categories, allowing representatives to easily access different types of customer responses. Click Create and edit messages to create and manage the scripted messages.

      • URLs - Giving your representatives quick links to URLs that they frequently send to customers is another time-saving feature. You can click Create and manage URL categories to group URLs into categories, allowing representatives to more easily access different types of Web addresses. Click Add and edit URLs to create and manage the URLs.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022