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Silent Session Monitoring

    Using the silent session monitoring feature, managers may view and monitor an active remote session while invisible to the customer and all representatives.

    See About Dashboard Monitors for information about creating monitors that are visible to other managers within the Management Center.

    Note: Because the configuration of the Management Center varies depending upon the settings chosen by account administrators in the Admin Center, managers may not see all features and options when logging into the Management Center.

    Monitor an active remote session

    1. Managers can open the Viewer and Chat box of the active support session in either of the following ways:
      • Open via the HelpAlert application

        Launch HelpAlert, select Manager from the Role drop-down menu, and click Log In. In the List View window, right-click an active support session and select Monitor Session.

      • Open via dashboard monitors in the Management Center

        Log in to the Management Center, create an The Active Queries Monitor and click the View icon next to the active support session.

    2. Once the connection has established, the Viewer Window and/or Chat Box appear. The manager is invisible to the customer and all representatives (i.e., no chat or remote control ability).
    3. To stop monitoring the session, click the Close icon or select File > Leave Session.

    Viewer Window

    Chat Box

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022