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Set Host Preferences

    Manage the performance settings for your computer (i.e., host computer) in the Preferences window.

    1. Click the Preferences icon in the HelpAlert toolbar and select Host.
    2. Make the desired changes, as follows:

      Performance Settings - Configure various settings that affect the appearance and speed of support sessions and the Viewer.

      • Select the operating system of your computer (Windows, Mac or smartphone).
      • Select the color quality of the Viewer window.
      • Use the performance slider to automatically enable and disable various performance settings for better speed or better appearance. The further the slider is moved toward "Better Speed," the more of the following settings are disabled to improve performance:
        • Display effects
        • Desktop wallpaper
        • Font smoothing
        • Display window contents while dragging
        • Show transparent windows
    3. Click OK when finished.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022