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Set HelpAlert Preferences

    Manage the settings for the HelpAlert application in the Preferences window.

    1. Click the Preferences icon in the HelpAlert toolbar and select HelpAlert.
    2. Make the desired changes, as follows:

      Incoming Query Settings - In the HelpAlert application, query reminder icons are color-coded with increasing urgency to denote how long the customer has been waiting.

      • Select how many seconds should elapse before the reminder icon turns yellow and then red .
      • Select how frequently the query is updated (from the LogMeIn server) with the correct color-coding.

      Column Display - You can modify which columns are displayed in the various sections of the List View window.

      • Select which columns are displayed (and their order) in the Incoming Queries section, In Session section and Session History section.
    3. Click OK when finished.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022