Set Availability Preferences

Manage your availability settings in the Preferences window.

Note: This is available for Web Mode and Queue Mode configurations only.

  1. Click the Preferences icon in the HelpAlert toolbar and select Availability.

  1. Make the desired changes, as follows:

Automatically change to Not Available after each session – Enabling this will automatically enter "Not Available" mode once a session ends, which will give you a break from incoming queries between sessions.

When not available – Specify what happens when you enter "Not Available" mode (either manually or automatically) and how long before that action takes place, as follows:

  • Automatically switch to Available – This automatically returns to you "Available" so that you can start receiving incoming queries.

  • Show a pop-up alert – This displays a notice that reminds you that you are not available and asks if you would like to be returned to "Available" mode.

  1. Click OK when finished.