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Request Windows Login Credentials

    You can request temporary use of the customer's log-in credentials for the current support session only, which will allow you to use their credentials without accessing or viewing their password (Windows customers only).

    If granted, this will allow you to reboot or unlock the customer's computer during the same support session, which can be helpful if the customer needs to leave their computer unattended while you are still working on it (e.g., to get lunch, attend a meeting, leave for the night).

    Note: The customer's password is securely encrypted on the customer's computer; neither you nor GoToAssist will ever be able to access or see your customer's password. All of the data will remain encrypted throughout the session and will be deleted automatically at the end of the support session. Your customer can disable this feature at any time by selecting Tools > Revoke My Credentials in their Viewer toolbar.

    Request use of the customer's login credentials

    1. If not doing so already, view the customer's screen.
    2. Select System > Request Login Credentials from the Viewer menu.
    3. A Request window will open on the customer's computer. The customer should enter their password (their user name and domain name will be automatically populated) and click OK.

    4. Once completed, customers will see a notification that the representative now has the ability to unlock or reboot their computer during the current session. They can also revoke the stored credentials at any time.

    Apply customer's login credentials

    Representatives can use the customer's credentials to unlock or reboot the customer's computer by going to System > Apply Login Credentials.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022