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Representative Chat Box

    Once a customer joins your support session, the representative Chat box will automatically open on your screen. You can use the Chat box to exchange chat messages with the customer, view details about the customer's computer and access session features and tools.

    The Chat box also includes additional information about the session, customer and attendees, allows you to add notes and displays a thumbnail preview of the customer's screen. Click the Arrow icon on the far right to hide or display the right navigation.

    Access session features and tools

    The Chat box menu provides access to all of the session features available to the representative (e.g., request login credentials, run as a service). The toolbar also provides buttons for quick access to many of the most common features, including the following:

    Chat with customers

    The Chat box allows you to communicate with your customer via chat messages. All messages are included in the chat log, along with automatically generated status notes (i.e., attendees joining or leaving, file transfers).

    • To send a chat message, click within the text field at the bottom-left of the Chat box and type your message. Click Send or press Enter on your keyboard to send the message.
    • To send a private message (e.g., to another representative, but not the customer), select the recipient from the To drop-down menu before clicking Send.
    • To send a pre-scripted message or URL, click the Message icon or URL icon (see Scripted Messages and URLs for more information).
    • To open a web page on the customer's computer, enter a URL and click Push URL. The customer's computer will automatically open a web browser and direct it to the URL.
    • To use spell check or change the font size, click the Spell Check and Font icons .

    View session information

    The Details pane in the right navigation displays specific information about the support session (e.g., session ID, customer portal used to submit the query, session start time) and the customer (e.g., text of the customer query, customer's operating system). This information is automatically included at the top of each Chat log as well.

    View attendees

    The Attendees pane in the right navigation displays all individuals who are currently participating in the conversation, including any invited representatives.

    • A Masked icon appears next to a masked representative's name, and they do not appear in the customer Chat window.
    • An Unmasked icon appears next to an unmasked representative's name, and they are visible to the customer in the customer Chat window.

    Add session notes

    View a thumbnail preview of the customer's screen

    The Customer 's Screen pane in the right navigation shows a thumbnail preview of the customer's screen (if they have approved screen sharing). Representatives can also double-click the thumbnail to open the Viewer Window.

    Switch between customers (multi-session)

    When you are in multiple simultaneous support sessions, the Chat box displays tabs below the toolbar that allow you to manage and quickly switch between multiple customers. The tabs include color-coded icons that show how much time has elapsed since you last sent a message to the customer (see Set Chat Preferences for information about changing these settings).

    • To switch focus between customers, simply click the desired tab.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022