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Replay a Session Recording

    Learn what the Session Review feature is, where to find it and how to use it.

    The Session Review feature enables managers to review session chat transcripts and remote diagnostics, as well as replay recorded sessions for all representatives, or just those that are assigned to the teams they manage. Data is available online within the Management Center for 90 days from the date of occurrence.

    Representatives with Management Center access can use Session Review to review their own support sessions, including viewing session chat transcripts, remote diagnostics and session recordings.

    Note: To save recordings locally on your computer, you can Export a Session Recording if you have been granted this permission by your company or team manager. Additionally, if your portal has been configured to save recordings locally to the representative and/or customer's computer, recordings will be saved at the end of each session automatically. For more information, please see Access Local Session Recordings.

    Here's how to replay a recorded session and review session information:

    1. In the left-navigation, click Session Review.
    2. If prompted by Java, click Allow, Run or OK.
    3. Search for a session in either of the following ways:
      • Enter the Session ID in the Session ID box and click Find.
      • Use the portal, team, and/or date range drop-down menus to select criteria for desired sessions and click Find.

    4. You can do the following in the search results:
      • View the chat transcript for a session by clicking the Chat icon .
      • Replay a session in the Viewer by clicking the Review icon . This will prompt you to download the GoToAssist Corporate Session Replay app to playback the recording.
        Note: If the "Export Session Replay" feature is enabled, click Yes or Grant to allow the export session plug-in to load. Learn more.
      • Review the remote diagnostics for the customer's computer by clicking the Diagnostics icon .

      • If a session is older than 90 days, an Unavailable Data icon will appear with a message, "Data no longer available - Session data is only stored for 90 days."

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022