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Manage Team Managers

    The Managers page allows account-level managers to create team-level managers who can log in to the Management Center to view and manage those teams to which they are assigned (team managers may be assigned to manage more than one team, but they may not create other team managers). The team manager may be enabled to set a number of team-level and representative-level rights.

    1. Click Managers > Add Managers in the left navigation.
    2. Use the Manager Settings tab to modify manager settings, as follows:
      • Login - Enter an email address that the manager can use to log in to the Management Center (must be a valid email address).
        Note: If you are adding a team manager that also has a HelpAlert Login ID enabled with Management Center access, then their Management Center login must be different from the HelpAlert Login ID or you must remove the Management Center access from the representative's account in order to use the same email address.
      • Email - Enter the manager's email address.
      • Name - Enter the manager's first and last name.
      • Password - Create a password that the manager can use to log in to the Management Center.
      • Teams Managed - Select the teams to which the manager is assigned.
      • Manager has team-level rights to - Select from the following features to which the manager has access in the Management Center and HelpAlert:
        • Add and Delete Subteams
        • Add and Delete Representatives
        • Edit Representative Name/Login
        • Edit Representative Password
        • Schedule Reports
        • Monthly Reports
        • Session Replay
        • Export Session Replay
        • Set Auto-Responses
        • Download Pre-install Application
        • Cancel Queries
        • Logout Representatives
        • Supervisor Viewing
        • Simultaneous Sessions
        • Disallow Portal Reports
        • Manage Business Hours
      • Manager has rights to allow representatives to - Select the following features in the Management Center and/or HelpAlert to which the managers can grant the representatives they manage:
        • Management Center Access
        • Reboot/Reconnect
        • Reports
        • Mult-Session
        • Representative Screen Sharing
        • Session Replay
        • Export Session Replay
        • File Transfer Send
        • File Transfer Receive
        • Customer Screen Sharing
      Note: The "Management Center Access" feature must be enabled in order to enable/disable the "Reports" and "Session Replay" features. Additionally, the "Session Replay" feature must be enabled in order to enable/disable the "Export Session Replay" feature.
    3. Click Add Manager when finished.

    Delete a team-level manager

    1. Click Managers in the left-navigation.
    2. On the Mangers tab, use the search fields to find and select the check box(es) of the desired manager(s).
    3. Click Delete Selected Managers > OK.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022