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Manage API Managers

    Only API Managers have the ability to use the GoToAssist Corporate REST API for User Provisioning, which is available at

    Note: Company Managers must have permission (from account administrators) to make new API Managers.

    Add an API manager

    First, create an API Manager using the Management Center, as follows:

    1. Log in to the Management Center.
    2. Click Managers > API Management in the left navigation.
    3. Click Add API User.
    4. Enter a login, name, and password for the new API Manager. Click Add API User when finished.

    5. Back on the API Management page, the new API Manager appears on the API User list.

    Register for a Developer Account

    Next, complete the following actions on the GoTo Developer Center at

    1. Click Get an account, it's free! or click here.

    2. Once registered, click My Apps in the top navigation, then click Add a new App.

    3. Fill in the following fields:
      • App name - Create a name that will be listed on your My Apps page.
      • Description - Add a description to help distinguish your app.
      • Product API - Select GoToAssist Corporate.
      • Application URL - Enter "" for the Direct Login flow.
    4. Click Create App when finished.

    5. Once the app is created, click the name of the app on the My Apps page to view the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
    6. Follow the Authentication and Authorization instructions here to complete the process.
      Note: You must have registered for an account and have an approved application in order to successfully access APIs. Each application you register will be assigned a unique API key. You will also define the Application URL for the OAuth flows. You must have an approved application for each product you would like to access on behalf of a user.

    Delete an API Manager

    1. Click Managers > API Management in the left-navigation.
    2. On the API User tab, use the search fields to find and select the check box(es) of the desired manager(s).
    3. Click Delete Selected API Users > OK.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022