End a Support Session

Both you and the customer can end a support session in any of the following ways:

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End a session (representative)

End a session (customer)

End a session (representative)

  1. Click Session in the menu.

  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Leave Session – Leave only that session; if other representatives remain in session, the customer will remain connected.

    • Close Session – End only that session; the session will completely end and the customer will be disconnected, even if other representatives were in the session.

    • Exit All Sessions – Completely end all sessions and disconnect all customers.

  1. When a session ends, you may be prompted with an "End of session" message that asks for additional information (depending on your account configuration). You can enter any notes as desired (e.g., ticket number, customer ID), then select one of the following "session outcomes" before clicking Submit

End a session (customer)

  1. Customers can go to File > Exit or click the Close button in the top-right of the Chat box .

  2. Screen sharing will pause and a "Confirm Exit" message will appear. Customers can click Yes to exit, or No to resume screen sharing.


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