Download the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Apps

Customers can join Phone Mode support sessions without going to a customer portal by using the GoToAssist Corporate Customer standalone application (.exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac). The file launches a standalone customer application in which customers can enter the 9-digit session code and click  Start Support Session to download the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application (if not already pre-installed) and launch the customer directly into session.

The standalone application is a self-contained desktop app that can be saved to the customer's computer and be double-clicked to launch (i.e., it does not need to be installed). It can also be distributed, meaning that administrators can embed it on their own website, provide it via network sharing or even deploy it to customers.

Download the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone apps

Note: This feature is available to managers only.

The standalone desktop apps be accessed and downloaded via the Management Center.

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