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Download the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Pre-Installation Package (MSI)

    If desired, managers can pre-install the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application as a service on a customer's Windows computer to reduce their session-join time, more easily enable certain features, and prevent additional downloads (when a customer joins a standard support session, the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application is used to connect them with the representative).

    Note: To support customers that join standard support sessions from a Mac running macOS Catalina (10.15) or later, the representative must be running HelpAlert v11.9.11, b1379 or later.

    As a system or domain administrator, you can use the Microsoft Windows Installer to install, maintain and remove the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application across multiple computers within a network domain. You can also deploy the application to specific computers, users or groups within a network domain through an Active Directory. This can be useful in environments where application installation on systems is locked down or tightly managed; in these cases, pre-installation can ensure that customers are able to join a support session.

    Note: You must have administrative rights to install the GoToAssist Corporate Customer MSI file. The "run as a service" feature must be enabled on a per-portal basis in order to pre-install the HelpAlert Application.
    Note: This feature is available to managers only.

    Download the newest version of the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application

    1. Log in to the Management Center at
    2. Click Downloads in the left navigation.
    3. Click Download Customer Application for Pre-Installation.
    4. Click the Download link next to the assigned version and build.
    5. On the Pre-Installer Package tab, use the following download links to complete the pre-installation configuration. Note that you must install both applications to complete the pre-installation process.
      • Download GoToAssist Corporate Service MSI for Windows

        This installs the HelpAlert customer application as Microsoft Windows Service .msi file. See the installation guide for more information.

      • Download the Application Launcher MSI for Windows

        This installs the GoToAssist Opener .msi file for all Windows Users. This "helper" application is required to start a GoToAssist Corporate support session.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022