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Customer Survey Report

    The Customer Survey Report displays customer feedback details and summaries.

    Customer Survey Summary

    • Team/Rep/Portal: The teams, representatives or portals for which the report was run
    • Sessions Finished: Total number of completed sessions
    • Sessions Rated: Total number of sessions that were rated by the customer (if configured)
    • Customer Survey Fields: Session data as indicated by the customer at the end of each session. Fields will vary in title and number (e.g., Rating, Comments and Feedback)

    Customer Survey Details

    • Session ID: Unique identifying number associated with each session
    • Customer Data Fields: Data submitted by the customer on either the portal entry or session end pages
    • Portal/Team/Rep: The portal, team or representative to which the customer query was posted
    • Question/Code: The text posted at the portal entry page by the customer. As configurations of the portal may vary, this field might appear as Session Initiated. In Phone Mode configurations, this is the initial connection code
    • Session Start Time: Date and time the session started
    • Session End Time: Date and time the session ended
    • Session Duration: The actual amount of time that the customer and representative were connected in a session
    • Rep Participation Duration: The actual amount of time that the representative spent in session, including the time it took the customer to connect in
    • Rep Name: The first and last name of the representative who initiated the support session
    • Rep Team: The team to which the selected representative belongs
    • Sub Rep Team: The sub team to which the representative belongs
    • Rep Attendees: The names of all representatives who participated in the session
    • Rep Resolution: Ending status of the session as marked by the representative (Resolved, Unresolved or Unknown); “unreported” displays if the session was not complete when the report was run or if the representative did not submit a resolution (field may not show resolutions if Representative Survey Fields exist)
    • Rep Notes: The representative's session notes
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022