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Code Management Window

    Learn how to create a new session in GoToAssist Corporate, and send the session code to a customer.

    Create a session code

    1. Open the Code Management window in any of the following ways:
      1. Select Codes > Code Management in the HelpAlert menu.
      2. Click the Code Management icon in the HelpAlert toolbar.
    2. Right-click the HelpAlert icon in your system tray and select Code Management.
    3. Supply the necessary information, as follows:
      1. Enter a unique name for the support session (e.g., the customer's name).
      2. Select the portal with which the support session should be associated.
    4. Click Create Code when finished (see Send a session code to a customer for next steps).
    5. The new code will appear in the "Active Codes" list, which displays the name you selected above, the unique 9-digit code, a countdown timer and the portal with which it is associated.
    6. If desired, repeat Step #2 to create additional codes.
      Note: Depending on the configuration set in the GoToAssist Management Center, a representative can have up to 8 active codes at a time. The codes remain active until they time out or are redeemed.

    Send a session code to a customer

    Once you create a session code, you can send it to the customer in any of the following ways so that they can join the session:

    • Send email invitation - This will launch a new email (if you have a default email client configured). Select the code in the Active Codes list, enter the customer's email address in the Session Invitation field, select the Invitation Language (if desired) then click the Send Via Email button.

    • Send direct URL - This will give you the Join URL. Select the code in the Active Codes list, then click Copy URL and send the URL link (which includes the unique session code) to the customer. They can click the link it to be automatically launched into session.

    • Send invitation text - This will give you the text that is automatically populated in the Join email. Select the code in the Active Codes list, then click Copy Info to copy the following text to your clipboard: "Dear Customer, please click this link to begin:[...]". You can then paste the text wherever desired.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022