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Change Team Settings

    The Team Administration page allows account- and team-level managers to modify the settings and details for a team in a centralized place. See Manage Teams for more information.
    Note: Once team managers are created and assigned to a team, they may then administer team settings to the extent assigned by the account-level manager.

    Change login settings for a team

    1. Click Teams in the left navigation and select the desired team, or add a new team.
    2. Use the Team Details tab to modify the following:
      • Team Name - Modify the team's name.
      • Portal - Select the portal that the team has access to.
      • Available Logins - Specify the total number of representatives that can be logged in to HelpAlert for each team. Leave blank if you do not wish to specify a maximum amount of active logins per team.

    3. Click Save Settings when finished.

    Change login settings for a subteam

    1. Click Teams in the left navigation and select the desired subteam, or add a new subteam.
    2. Use the Subteam Details tab to modify the following:
      • Subteam Name - Modify the subteam's name.
      • Parent team - Select the parent team that the subteam falls under.

    3. Click Save Settings when finished.

    Assign managers to a team/subteam

    Click the Add Managers link on the Team/Subteam settings tab to modify the managers associated with the team or subteam. See for Manage Team Managers more information.

    Change message settings for a team

    Team managers can administer team messages for their assigned teams from the Team Messages page, which enables changes to be made to automated greetings, pre-scripted messages, and pre-scripted URLs. See Team Messages for more information.

    Change password policy settings for a team/subteam

    You can modify the password policy on a per-team basis. See Change Password Policy Settings for more information.

    Manage representatives and representative settings for a team/subteam

    Representatives are the individuals who are assigned to receive, respond to and support customers and can be added and managed by account- and team-level managers (if enabled by account-level manager). They are assigned a HelpAlert login that allows them to receive queries from and support customers using those portals/subportals to which they have been granted access by a manager.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022