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Why do I get a Host Not Found Error?

Your host appears online, but when you try to connect you get the following error: Host Not Found.

The host may have been switched off or lost its connection to the Internet since you last refreshed your computer list. Check the following to make your host accessible:

  • Make sure the host is powered on and can connect to the Internet.
  • Make sure that the host software is running on the host. You will need access to the host to perform this action.
    • Open the LogMeIn Control Panel.
    • Check whether the host is Accessible in the top-left corner.
      • If it is Not accessible, switch the host on by clicking the power switch on the host interface.
      • If it is Enabled but offline, switch the host off and then back on by clicking the power button twice.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022