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Using the client Dashboard

Use the Dashboard to monitor Windows processes and services.

Important: This feature is available for Pro, current Central Base plan plus Insight module, and former Central Plus and Central Premier subscribers.
Remember: Once connected, you must be in Detailed Mode (Dashboard) to see remote management options.

Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

The Dashboard gives snapshots of multiple Windows features that can be monitored from the web browser or client app.

System Information
View information about the PC, including Memory, Operating System version, and CPU type.
View a list of active processes and the percentage of the CPU they are using.
Most Recent Accesses
View the Windows user account most recently used to authenticate to the host.
Installed Hotfixes
View emergency patches and Windows hotfixes installed on the host, if any. For more information, see this post from Microsoft.
View a list of the most recent events reported in Event Viewer on the host. To filter out and set exclusions for certain event types, click Set filter.
Network Traffic
View information on activity and data being sent over the host's network connection.
Disk Drives
View information on host's hard disks and partitions, including size and available space.
Scheduled Tasks
View a list of Scheduled tasks that have run on the host, including when the tasks were last ran and when they are due to run again
Use the Journal to create and view notes about the host and/or sessions.
Article last updated: 21 November, 2022