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Using Tags to Help Manage Clients in Your Account

Add tags to Hamachi clients to help manage a complex account.

A tag is a label associated with a client. Tags help you identify and search for clients, but are not used in reporting or otherwise.

Tip: Once you have tagged your clients, use the Search Clients box to locate them.
Example: How does tagging work?

Assume you are a service provider managing multiple Hamachi clients for a large company. You want to categorize deployed clients according to department, so you add a tag to each client depending on the department to which the end-user belongs.
  • Tag each client used by a member of Marketing as "Marketing"
  • Tag each client used by a member of Sales as "Sales"
  • Tag each client being used by a member of Operations as "Ops"

When you need to locate a computer, type a tag name in the Search Clients box to find all clients appropriately tagged clients.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022