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Setting up an iOS device as a Hamachi mobile client

    This procedure assumes you or an administrator has sent configuration details to your device.

    Remember: The mobile client is deployed by sending the required VPN settings in a configuration file via email; it is not an app you download from a store.
    1. On the device, install the Hamachi configuration profile.
      1. Open the email containing the configuration file as an attachment.
      2. Tap the attachment to open the Install Profile page.
      3. Tap Install.
      4. If prompted, confirm your choice.
    2. If prompted to Enter your password for the VPN account "123-456-789", enter the device configuration password including dashes, as provided by your administrator or on the Edit Client page.

      Result: The message Profile Installed is displayed.

    3. To connect, go to Settings > General > VPN and choose Hamachi as your VPN.

      Result: If you are not a member of any Hamachi network, you may see the following error: The VPN server did not respond.

      Important: Starting from iOS 10, VPN using PPTP is deprecated and a valid PPTP configuration will not be created. Apple have more information here.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022