Record Remote Control Sessions (Host Preferences)

Record and save remote control sessions to host computers.

Host Preference Packages can only be applied to LogMeIn Central Windows hosts.

Who can use this feature? The Host Preference Packages feature is available to any Account Holder of a LogMeIn Central Central Premier or Plus subscription and to users in a Premier or Plus account with the Configuration Management permission.

Host Preference Packages allow you to define and deploy preferences and security settings to Windows hosts in your LogMeIn Central account.
  1. Create a Host Preference Package, as follows:
    1. In LogMeIn Central Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Add Package.

      Result: The New Host Preference Package page is displayed.

    3. Name your new Host Preference Package.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Under Category, select Log Settings.
  3. Under Screen Recording you have the following options:
    Option Description
    Record screen content of Remote Control sessions Record and save all remote control sessions with the host. Sessions will automatically be recorded and saved to the defined location. No other action is required.
    Automatically convert to .AVI format Save session recordings as AVI files; otherwise files are saved as RCREC, a LogMeIn proprietary format. File size is similar for both recording types.
    Tip: To convert RCREC recordings manually, open LogMeIn on the host and go to Options > Preferences > Advanced Settings > Screen Recording > Convert RCREC Files to AVI... .
    Location of video files Specify a folder on the host where screen recordings are saved. Leave blank to use the default location: LogMeIn installation directory, typically C:\ProgramData\LogMeIn.
    Delete old files if folder size exceeds Automatically delete the oldest archived RCREC remote control recordings when the total size of all RCREC recordings in the Location of video files exceeds the defined value. AVI files are not counted toward the limit and will not be deleted.
  4. Continue to add settings to the Host Preference Package. When ready, click Finish and Save.
  5. Assign the Host Preference Package to computers or groups, as follows:
    1. In LogMeIn Central Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Edit or Click here to assign next to the Host Preference Package you want to assign.
    3. Choose computers and groups using the left and right arrows.
    4. Click Save.