Opening the Command Prompt

Open a fully functional command prompt (Windows PowerShell) on a host.

Remember: A Plus or Premier subscription is required to use this feature.

The Telnet client provides encryption and data compression for security and speed. It works with the ActiveX plugin (Internet Explorer) or LogMeIn Client app (Firefox26+, Chrome 32+). A Java or HTML-based version is available as a fallback.

Using Your Browser

Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

  1. Connect to a Windows computer.

    Result: The Dashboard panel is displayed.

  2. Go to Computer Management > Command Prompt to open Windows PowerShell.
Remember: Once connected, you must be in Detailed Mode (Dashboard) to see remote management options.

Using the LogMeIn Client App

Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

  1. Select a Windows computer from the list.
  2. Click command prompt icon to open Windows PowerShell.