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Managing the Rights of Windows Users and Groups

User Manager supports all features of Windows Computer Management for Local Users and Groups, including full Active Directory support.

Remember: A former Plus or Premier subscription, or a current Base module subscription is required to use this feature. You must have the Allow full Remote Controlpermission enabled to use this feature.

Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

Fastpath: Connect to a Windows computer and go to Computer Management > User Manager
Remember: Once connected, you must be in Detailed Mode (Dashboard) to see remote management options.
  • Click a user on the User tab:
    • Change the password and password settings
    • Rename the user
    • Disable the account
    • Delete the user
    • Assign a Home Directory
    • Assign a Logon Script
    • Assign a Profile Path


  • Click a group on the Groups tab:
    • Assign members to the group
    • Rename the group
    • Delete the group
    • Edit the Description


Article last updated: 25 April, 2023