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Hamachi Subscription Types

Every Hamachi user must have either a paid or free subscription to join or create Hamachi networks.

Free, Standard, and PremiumHamachi subscriptions are available at the network level. You can have an unlimited number of Free, Standard, and Premium networks in your account, in any combination. Standard and Premium subscriptions are purchased for and applied to individual networks.

Regardless of the type and number of subscriptions you purchase, you can attach a maximum of 256 clients to your account; the number of clients is independent of the number of members per network.

Subscription type Valid for this many networks Members per network
Free Unlimited 5
Standard 1 (purchased individually, per network) 32
Premium 1 (purchased individually, per network) 256

The Multi-Network subscription option is applied across an entire account, allowing you an unlimited number of networks with up to 256 members per network. With Multi-Network you are still subject to the limit of 256 clients per account. The number of clients allowed at the account level is independent of the number of members per network. This means that you can have potentially far more members in your networks than clients attached to your account.

Tip: When attempting to add a new client, you may be informed that you have reached your client limit. If this occurs, you must create "free space" in your account by removing an unused client. Otherwise, the client can only join your network if it is attached to another account and joins your network as a guest.
Subscription type Valid for this many networks Members per network
Multi-Network Unlimited 256
Tip: The current and maximum number of network members are displayed on the Hamachi client next to the name of the network. For example, 11/256 means that there are 11 members in a network that can have up to 256 members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not want to renew my subscription?

Standard, Premium, and Multi-network subscriptions are paid subscriptions that allow you to have more than five members in your network. If your network has more than five members, you should take the following into consideration before you cancel your subscription:

  • Your network will not accept any new members.
  • Only five members will be active. Other members will be disabled (offline) in your network until you resolve this issue by purchasing a subscription or evicting network members.
  • Your network will still be fully functional but only for five randomly selected members.
  • You can renew your expired subscription any time.
What if I never had a paid subscription?

For free networks, only five members remain active and you are unable to add new members. For example, a free network that was created with 14 members before introducing Standard, Premium, and Multi-network subscriptions will be functional for five random members and will not accept new members.

Important: If you have more than five members in a network and you choose to have a free subscription, you will not be able to add new members until you remove some of them from the network.

Article last updated: 3 October, 2022