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LogMeIn Central Remote Execution Automation

Remote Execution allows you to run, manage, and monitor automated PowerShell commands on multiple computers without user interaction.

Who can use this feature? The Remote Execution feature is available for the following:
Basic/Plus/Premier Subscription Modular Subscription User Permissions
  • Premier
  • Automation
  • Remote Execution: Allows users to view Remote Execution page including details for each job
  • Create and Run jobs: Allows users to create and run jobs.
Important: Make sure your secondary users with Grant all permission are trusted. They inherit permission under Remote Execution > Create and run job and will be able to run elevated scripts without host credentials in the context of the LocalSystem account.
Note: Users will be asked to run their mobile authenticator app to get a six digit code or receive a code in an email as soon as they click Create New Job. No admin credentials are required for this feature.

How does it work? At a glance.

  • ManageExecute, manage, and monitor automated tasks on multiple computers.
  • Create a new jobEnter a Name for the job and a script to execute. Define the computers or group of computers that will receive the script.
  • Run a jobRun your job.
  • Check resultsYou can check the details of a job that is in progress or fully complete.
  • Re-run a jobYou can re-run a job that has already run.
  • Cancel a jobYou can cancel the job and prevent tasks from running on Pending computers. Once running, tasks can't be stopped, however, you won't prevent from rerunning the same task on top of the existing.

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Requirements on the target computer

Make sure your target computer is running the latest version of the Windows host software. The script runs as LocalSystem, which does not require credentials; therefore, the user cannot be impersonated.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022