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Central Application Updates FAQ

    The Application Updates feature in Central leverages the technology of the Kaspersky Software Updater (KSU) to scan computers for out-of-date software and then to update applications to the latest version from Central.

    How is Kaspersky used with Central?

    Central leverages the Kaspersky Software Updater technology with our patch management to scan for out-of-date software and push application updates. Kaspersky Software Updater is an opt-in feature.

    Is Kaspersky Software Updater the same as Kaspersky Antivirus?

    No. We do not use Kaspersky Antivirus. Instead, LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender is an integrated antivirus solution customized for Central Security Module customers and a stronger alternative to Kaspersky. LogMeIn Antivirus offers additional features such as policies and exclusions. It is built by GoTo while powered by a leader in endpoint security, Bitdefender.

    Does Central only work with Kaspersky for Patch Management?

    Yes. Our application/software updates feature leverages Kaspersky Software Updater (KSU). When users enable Applications Updates for a host, the Kaspersky Software Updater component is installed on that computer. If Application Updates is disabled, it uninstalls. See Kaspersky Removal Guide for Central.

    Is the Application Updates feature automatically installed?

    By default, the Application Updates feature is disabled on all computers. However, when you enable it, Kaspersky Software Updater is installed on the host machine and powers both scanning and updating of supported third-party applications. The application calls an API from Kaspersky Software Updater to make this possible.

    Is the Kaspersky Software Updater (KSU) automatically installed?

    No. It is only installed when Application Updates is enabled in the Central Security Module.

    If I do not enable Application Updates, can Kaspersky still be found on my computer?

    No. If Application Updates has never been installed on a host computer, there will be no trace of Kaspersky Software Updater or Kaspersky on the machine.

    Is there a way to confirm I am adding Kaspersky to a computer?

    When enabling Application Updates, a pop-up appears asking to review and accept the third-party Eula and Privacy policy.

    If I have enabled Application Updates, how do I turn it off?

    If you have enabled Application Updates on a computer and would like to disable it, go to Updates > Applications in the Central console and select all computers that have Application Updates enabled. At the top of the page, click ‘Change Settings’ and switch to ‘Disabled.’

    If you want to remove Kaspersky Software Updater, disable the application and it will automatically be uninstalled. See Kaspersky Removal Guide for Central.

    How do I fully remove Kaspersky Software Updater from a computer?

    You can use Central's One2Many feature. If you do not have One2Many with your Central subscription, you can remove it manually from the host computers. For instructions to either method, see Kaspersky Removal Guide for Central.

    How do I use Central without Kaspersky?

    Unless you turn on Application Updates, you can continue using Central without Kaspersky.

    If I do not enable or uninstall Applications Updates, can I still receive updates?

    You will be able to use Windows Updates without engaging the Kaspersky Software Updater, but you will not receive third-party automation (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Adobe, etc.).

    What are the consequences of not using Application Updates?

    Switching Application Updates off is safe. However, if you do not use Application Updates, these applications will not receive updates. If Application Updates is turned off, there are still options to perform batch updates with the One2Many or Remote Execution functions.

    Important: It is not as user-friendly as the Application Updates and the third-party applications would need to have command line silent update function.)

    I see the Kaspersky Software Updater is no longer supported by Kaspersky. Why is Central continuing to use?

    Kaspersky continues to support for their commercial customers, meaning the host software is supported even if the public is unable to contact Kaspersky directly. For more information, click here.

    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022