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Updated LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender Management Page

    We are excited to present the same trusted LogMeIn Antivirus experience with a faster, more intuitive, and more user-friendly interface. This page highlights the essential features:

    • Export option added:

      Allows you to select any number of computers and export their data in an Excel file. You can export all AV information displayed, including Online/Offline information.

    • Default and Custom View options:

      You can start customizing your list to create a Custom view saved in the browser, so you can have one view set up for a specific task. You can switch back to the Default view as needed.

    • Improved grouping functionality:

      You can now group by computer groups, AV software installed, Online/Offline status, or AV policy on different machines. Grouping by real-time protection makes it easier to ensure your machines are secured and up to date.

    • Added a columns button/drop-down

      You can select in a more convenient way what information you would like to display.

    • Change row height (short, medium, tall)
    • Expand and collapse groups with a single click
    • Updated refresh button

      The button lets you view the most up-to-date data faster.

    • Improved customization options for columns:

      You can customize among others the order or size of the columns.

    • Updated status column:

      You can now view real-time Online/Offline status information.

    • Cleaner and less cluttered view:
    • Updated computer flow:

      When you click a computer, its AV details are displayed. You can either trigger actions before starting a remote session, start a remote control session, or view specific AV details.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022