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How to View Inventory Report Information for an Individual Computer

The Inventory report provides information on the software and hardware of computers.

Remember: A former Central Premier subscription, or a current Central Base plus Insight module subscription is required to use this feature.
  1. On the Central Computers page, click Properties for the chosen computer.
  2. Click the Computer Inventory tab.
  3. Choose a data view:
    • Choose Single Date Snapshot to view data for the selected machine on a chosen date
    • Choose Compare Snapshots by Date to compare the inventory of the selected machine on two different dates
    • Choose History to view all inventory changes for the selected machine since Inventory was enabled
  4. Click Apply.

    Result: Inventory data is displayed.

  5. Refine your results using the Select Inventory Category drop-down list.

    Result: Your results are filtered according to the selected category.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022