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How to View Account Activity Reports

View reports on account activity, choose the specific data you want to see, and save your new report for easy retrieval.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the Reports > Report Viewer page.
  3. Select the specific Report that you want to use as a base.
    Option Description
    Remote Access Sessions (In Last Month) This report lists all of the remote access sessions initiated with host computers in your account in a specified time period (default time period is the last 30 days). Reported details include the group, the host computer name, the user, the start and end times of each session, and duration. This report answers the question "When were computers in my account accessed?"
    User Account Access (In last week) This report lists all of the occasions when your account was logged into. The default report includes the user, the user's IP address, and the time the account logged in (login start). This report answers the question "When was my account logged into?"
    Account Audit Available only to Central subscribers using an Account Holder profile. This report lists the activity that has occurred in your account in a given time period. The events reported include the addition or deletion of computers or users, invited users, and subscription changes. This report answers the questions "When were changes made to subscriptions and users in my account?"
    Tip: To generate a report on deleted computers, filter for Computer deleted event type.
  4. Click View Report.

    Result: The base report is created with no filters applied.

  5. Click Filter to begin applying data filters.
  6. Click Apply to refresh the report.
  7. Click Save to save the filtered report as a custom report.

    Result: The Save Report dialog is displayed.

  8. Name the new report and click Save.

    Result: The report is added to the Report drop-down list for easy retrieval.

Results: Sample Filter setup for Remote Access Sessions report:
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022