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How to Use the Toolbox Feature

    Toolbox allows you to access the Files Toolbox folder essentially from the Host software. It is also available on the Pro and Central dashboards and in the Client.


    Windows operating systems

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

    Windows components
    • Host software
    • Client
    • Plugin
    Mac operating systems
    MacOS X 10.12 or above
    Mac components
    • Host software
    • Client
    • Plugin
    User permission
    Allow full Remote Control must be granted to a user

    From a Remote Control session

    1. Open the Client.
    2. Start a Remote Control session.
    3. On the Remote Control toolbar, click Options > Toolbox.

      A mounted drive is created on the host computer displaying the Toolbox folder.

    4. You can now use, move or copy files into the Toolbox folder on the remote computer.
    5. When you click the Toolbox button in a Remote Control session with a host, a Toolbox folder is created under Files. The content of this folder is accessible either from the Central dashboard or the Client software.
    Note: You can mount the Toolbox only in the Client but not in the Central dashboard.
    Article last updated: 25 April, 2023