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How to upload and download files with Files for LogMeIn

    Upload single files or entire folders to Files for LogMeIn.

    Upload files or folders

    Important: The maximum file size a single file can be is 2GB.
    1. On the Files page, click the upload file (all browsers) or upload folder icon (Chrome only).
      Tip: You can also drag and drop any of your local files (all browsers) or folders (Chrome only) to the Files page.
    2. Browse your local files/folders and select items to upload.
    3. Click Open to upload.
      Upload progress is indicated at the bottom of the Files page.

    Download a file

    • Option A. Right click any file and click Download
    • Option B. Double click a file
    Important: You cannot download a folder, only individual files.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022