How to Track Plan Results and View Logs

Use the One2Many > History page to view log files for completed tasks.

Who can use this feature? The One2Many feature is available to any Account Holder of a LogMeIn Central Premier subscription and to users in a Premier account with the following permissions: Create and Modify One2Many tasks (to be able to create tasks) and Run One2Many tasks (to be able to assign tasks to plans and run them).

Note: To view tasks still in progress, go to the One2Many > Plans page and click the Running plans filter.
  1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the One2Many > History page. A list of executed plans is displayed.
    Tip: Use filters or the search field to locate specific plans.

  2. Click View next to any plan on the list.

    Plan results are displayed.

  3. On the Plan tab of the results page, click View log file to view the logs.