How to Set the Default Response to Network Join/Exit Requests

Network defaults are automatically applied to all new networks in your account. Default settings are not applied to networks that join your account.

  1. On the LogMeIn Central web site, go to the Networks > Network Settings page.In LogMeIn Central Central, go to the Networks > Network Settings page.
  2. Select the Network Defaults tab.
  3. Select a Network type.
  4. Select the default response to join requests.
    Option Description
    Accept automatically All requests to join the network will be accepted automatically. We recommend that you require a network password when using this option.
    Must be approved All requests to join the network must be approved on the web.
    Members can be added on the web only Clients will not be able to join the network from the client. Clients can be added to the network on the web only.
  5. Under Network Member Permissions, select Can leave network at will to allow members to leave the network at any time. By disabling this option, you can prevent clients from leaving a network accidentally or upon connection failure.
  6. Click Save.