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How to Select and Copy Text During Remote Control

To select text on the host computer (the computer you are controlling), you must double-tap, hold, and then drag.

Important: Selecting and copying works according to the behavior of the host computer operating system (Windows or Mac OS), not your phone or tablet operating system.

What can be copied and pasted from the host to the client? You can copy text from the host and paste it to your phone or tablet. Other items, such as files or images, can be copied from one location on the host and pasted to another, but not to your phone or tablet.

How can you paste to another application? For devices that do not support multi-tasking you must exit the client app and then open the application to which you want to paste the copied content. Similarly, to copy content from your device to the host, you must make a copy before you launch the app. Text copied from the client will be ready for pasting to the host when your remote session begins.

  1. At the beginning of the text you want to select, double tap and hold (iOS) or tap and hold (Android), then drag to select the text.

    Result: You must position the mouse correctly. On iOS, the magnifying glass is not displayed to help set the insertion point.

  2. Lift your finger when your selection is complete.
  3. To copy, do a two-finger tap to simulate a right-click and bring up the context menu.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022