How to Edit User Group Permissions

You can assign permissions to individual users as well as all users in a group. The permissions of a group member consist of the permissions of the individual user and that of the user group he belongs to.

Important: You cannot edit permissions for the [Default Group].
  1. In LogMeIn Central, click Users > Manage.

    The Users page is displayed.

  2. Click edit permissions next to the user group whose permissions you want to change.

    The Edit User Group Permissions page is displayed.

  3. Change user group permissions, as required. For descriptions, see Specifying Permissions for Users and User Groups in your LogMeIn Account.

    Important: Users in a group inherit group permissions except for Access Subscription Groups, Interface, and Group/Computer.

  4. Click Save.

    Tip: To remove a user group, click Delete this Group. Users in the deleted group are moved to the [Default Group] and will lose permissions inherited from the deleted group.


How Do User Group Settings Affect Individual User Permissions?

On the user permissions page, permissions inherited from the user group are marked with a symbol next to the permission's name.

You cannot change these permissions at the individual user level.