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How to Disable Automatic Login

As part of the login policy, an account holder can turn off the automatic login feature for a Central account. This will apply to all users of the account, including the account holder.

Before you begin: Couple of things to consider:
  • Users who created their account after May 5, 2022, are using the Common Identity Platform (CIP) login system. Currently, this new feature does not work (has no effect) on CIP users’ login flow. This limitation will be removed in a future release.
  • When auto-login is disabled, the I trust this device. Keep me logged in option on the login screen will not have any effect, even when selected.
  • When a user logs in to an account where auto-login is enabled and then changes to a profile where auto-login is disabled, then they will be logged out first. After logging in with the proper credentials, the user can switch to another profile even where auto-login is disabled. In this case, the I trust this device. Keep me logged in option will not be visible on the login page.
  • As an account holder, it is your responsibility to notify your users about login policy changes.

Only Central users with Login policy management permission can edit or enforce a login policy.

The policy is valid when logging in to, client apps for iOS and Android, and the Client desktop app.

  1. In Central, click Users > Login Policy.

    Result: The Login Policy page is displayed.

  2. Select Don't save credentials for auto-login.
Results: Upon next login, the policy is applied to all users in the account.
Tip: As a courtesy to your users, you may want to notify them when you apply policy changes. GoTo does not automatically notify users of policy changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I could sign in automatically before and now I suddenly can't. How come?
The account holder has disabled auto-login for the account that you're trying to access. So even if you have the I trust this device. Keep me logged in. option selected on login page, that does not have any effect. You have to manually enter your user name and password every time you sign in.
Why do I have to sign in manually when I switch to another profile?
If the account holder disables auto-login for an account, you have to manually sign in to that account. So even when you are already logged in to Central and switch to a profile where auto-login is disabled, you must enter your user name and password to sign in.
Note: You have to sign in manually once only. Subsequent switches between profiles do not require manual login.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022