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How to Copy Files from an Android Phone/Tablet to a Computer or Cloud

You can transfer files and folders from your phone or tablet to your PC or Mac.

Remember: A former Plus or Premier subscription, or a current Base module subscription is required to use this feature. You must have the Allow full Remote Controlpermission enabled to use this feature.
  1. Select the files you want to copy from the Local Files on your device. Here's how.
    1. Tap the pages icon.
    2. Tap the Local Files page.
    3. Tap your way to the files you want to copy.
    4. Tap each file or folder you want to copy.
      Tip: You can copy photos and images (.jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .png, .bmp, .bmpf, .ico, .cur, .xbm) just as you would any other file.
  2. Choose the action to perform. In this case, Copy.

    Result: The package of copied files is created.

  3. Choose a destination.
    • To copy to a computer, go to the My Computers page, find the computer that will receive the files, and tap the File Manager button.
    • To copy to a cloud storage service, go to My Cloud Bank and select a service. Only available on iOS devices!
  4. Drop the package of files at the chosen destination. Here's how.
    1. Tap your way to the location where you will paste the files.
    2. Tap Drop Here.

    Result: Your files are copied.

What to do next:
Tip: You can store files using LogMeIn Files by tapping on LogMeIn Files.
Tip: On iOS, you can use iTunes File Sharing to move files into Documents (called Local Files on your device). From there, you can transfer them easily to your host computers or to a cloud storage service. This may not be available if you are using an older iPhone or iPod touch.
Article last updated: 25 April, 2023