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How to Copy and Paste Between Devices (Clipboard Synchronization)

Use Clipboard Synchronization to save time and avoid errors by directly copying and pasting information between devices during remote control.

This feature is not available during a view-only Monitor Host Screen session.

  • On the Remote Control toolbar, select Options > Sync Clipboard.

    Result: Anything copied on either device is available to be pasted to the other.

  • When copying between devices with the same operating system (PC to PC, Mac to Mac), copy and paste as normal.
  • When controlling a PC host from a Mac client:
    Option Description
    Copy from the PC (host) Ctrl + c
    Paste to the Mac (client) cmd + v
    Paste to the PC (host) Ctrl + v
  • When controlling a Mac host from a PC client:
    1. Set your PC-to-Mac keyboard mapping. See How to Set PC-to-Mac Keyboard Mapping.
    2. Follow these guidelines:
    Option Description
    Copy from the Mac (host) [mapped cmd key] + c
    Paste from the Mac (host) to the PC (client) Ctrl + v
    Paste to the Mac (host) [mapped cmd key] + v
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022