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How to Change Mouse Behavior During Remote Control

Choose how the pointer behaves on the host computer's screen.

You can only change this setting during an active remote session.
  1. On the main remote control screen, tap the Gear (Settings) icon.

    Result: The Settings page is displayed.

  2. Tap Scroll Mode to choose how you want the mouse to move on the host computer:
    • Choose Screen moves if you want the remote desktop to move "underneath" the pointer, which remains stationary in the center of the touchscreen.
    • Choose Mouse moves if you want the pointer to move as you drag, similar to a laptop touchpad.
    • On an iPad and Android tablets and devices running Honeycomb, you can also choose Direct, which allows you to tap directly on the remote screen. You can simply tap a button on the host screen without first having to move the pointer to the button.
  3. Save your settings.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022