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How to Change Display Color Quality

Adjust the color quality of the remote screen to optimize performance by changing the amount of information transferred during remote control.

You can only change this setting during an active remote session.

Adjust color settings to change the look of the screen during remote control. The change does not impact the host computer itself.

  1. On the main remote control screen, tap the Gear (Settings) icon.

    Result: The Settings page is displayed.

  2. Tap Color Quality.
    • For better image quality, select Low quality or Medium quality.
    • For best image quality and performance, select HD quality.
      Remember: A former Plus or Premier subscription, or a current Base module subscription is required to use this feature.
      Tip: HD quality provides the least amount of latency and the smoothest transition with an automatically adjusting resolution.
    • We recommend using Auto.
  3. Save your settings.
Results: This setting will be remembered and applied the next time you connect to the same computer.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022