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Enabling Windows Automatic Logon (autologon)

Enable autologon to bypass the Windows logon screen. Upon system startup, the system will attempt to log on to Windows with the specified autologon username and password.

Remember: A former Plus or Premier subscription, or a current Base module subscription is required to use this feature. You must have the Allow full Remote Control permission enabled to use this feature.

Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

Fastpath: Connect to a Windows computer and go to Computer Management > Reboot
Remember: Once connected, you must be in Detailed Mode (Dashboard) to see remote management options.
CAUTION: Read the autologon security warning from Microsoft before using this feature.
Note: This is not the same as the automatic authentication feature available to Central subscribers. See "How to Set up Automatic Authentication" in the Central support center.
  1. On the Reboot page, click Specify credentials to automatically login on the host after rebooting.

    Result: The Automatic Login page is displayed.

  2. Enter a User Name, Password, and a Domain.
  3. Select the Automatic logon enabled box.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Restart the host.
Article last updated: 25 April, 2023