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How to Create Host Preferences and Assign it to Computers

Host Preferences allow you to define preferences and security settings to your Windows hosts, such as determine whether to allow desktop sharing, set idle time allowed during a remote session, hide the app icon from the system tray, enabling debug logs and more.

Watch this video on host preference packages:

To get started, log in to your Central account and go to Configuration > Host Preferences on the left navigation panel.

  1. Click Add Package and name this package on the next page. You can either give a custom name or apply it to all computers under General Preferences.
  2. Configure your preferences by clicking the Category drop-down menu, select each option, and finally apply your preferences.
  3. Click Save and continue to the category menu until you are done with your settings.
  4. Click Finish and Save All to create your Host Preference package.

You are now ready to assign your Host Preference package to all available machines or to an installation package under Deployment.

Note: You can have as many Host Preference packages as needed, but you can assign only one Host Preference package per computer.
Article last updated: 12 December, 2022