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Deploy Preferences for Network and Connection Settings (Host Preferences)

Modify how the host interacts with your local network and manages its connection.

Before you begin:

Host Preference Packages can only be applied to Windows hosts.

Who can use this feature? The Host Preference Packages feature is available to any Account Holder of a Central Base account. For those Account Holders who have not switched over to a Base plan yet, a Central Premier or Plus subscription is required. Users of such accounts also need the Configuration Management permission.

Host Preference Packages allow you to define and deploy preferences and security settings to Windows hosts in your Central account.
  1. Create a Host Preference Package, as follows:
    1. In Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Add Package.

      Result: The New Host Preference Package page is displayed.

    3. Name your new Host Preference Package.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Under Category, select Network.
  3. Under General Settings you have the following options:
    Option Description
    Maximum number of servicing threads Specify the maximum number of threads the host can spawn to service client connections. This feature is useful if you have multiple users making simultaneous Dashboard, Main Menu, or File Manager connections to an important server. Remember: Only one Remote Control or Remote View session is allowed at a time. Restart the host service on the host to implement the change. The default value (50) should be enough to handle up to 10 concurrent sessions to a single host. Additional incoming sockets will be rejected and a log entry will report Socket refused, no more than 50 connections allowed.
    Idle time allowed Set the amount of time that can pass without activity in the host before a remote control session is disconnected.
    File Transfer Compression Choose the compression level to apply to data transferred from the host during remote control, including files transferred using the File Manager feature.
    Detect and download updates automatically Select this option if you want the host to check for the latest version of the host software. The host user will be prompted to update if a new version is found.
    Install downloaded updates when LogMeIn is idle

    Select this option to ensure that host updates are only installed when the host is not in use. This protects users from losing active sessions. The host must restart itself (but not the host computer) after applying a software update. If this is done while the host is busy (for example, during an active remote control session or while a file transfer is in progress) then the connection will be dropped during the restart.

    Enable 'Wake On LAN' from sleep and power off Allow the host to be powered on when all host Wake On LAN prerequisites are met. See How to Wake a Computer in Sleep Mode or Powered Off Using Wake On LAN
  4. Continue to add settings to the Host Preference Package. When ready, click Finish and Save.
  5. Assign the Host Preference Package to computers or groups, as follows:
    1. In Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Edit or Click here to assign next to the Host Preference Package you want to assign.
    3. Choose computers and groups using the left and right arrows.
    4. Click Save.
Article last updated: 25 April, 2023