Creating a Custom Scan in LogMeIn Antivirus

LogMeIn antivirus lets you create a customized antivirus scan.

Note: LogMeIn Antivirus is powered by Bitdefender software.
  1. In the taskbar menu, click the LogMeIn Antivirus icon .
    The LogMeIn Antivirus software is displayed.
  2. Click the scan icon .
    The Scan Tasks menu appears.
  3. Choose New Custom Scan.
    The Custom Scan menu appears.
  4. Under Target, select what drives, folders and files you want to scan.
  5. Under Scan Options, select a scan level.
    Option Description
    Aggressive Configures the scan settings for maximum protection against any type of malware.
    Normal Provides optimum balance between security and performance.
    Permissive Provides basic security but maximum performance.
    Custom Define the granularity of your scan and actions to take.
  6. If running the scan is not important, check Run task with low priority.
  7. Click Start Scan.
    • Optional: Under Save favourite scan, name and save scan settings for future use.