Ad Hoc Support: Top 10 FAQs

    Is Ad Hoc Support available for all levels of Central and what does it cost?

    Ad Hoc Support is available for Basic, Plus, and Premier at no additional cost to the admin or the end-user.

    Can you use Ad Hoc Support if the end-user doesn't have email access?

    Yes, you can share the link to initiate the session with end-users via chat or another communication tool if the end-user doesn't have email access.

    Does Ad Hoc Support work with the desktop client or just the web browser?

    You can only run an Ad Hoc Support session through the web browser version of Central.

    If I have used up all my Central hosts, can I still use Ad Hoc Support?

    You need at least one unused host in your Central account in order to start an Ad Hoc Support session. Otherwise you will need to free up one host before initiating an Ad Hoc Support session.

    Does Ad Hoc Support work with OS X?

    An admin on a Mac can initiate an Ad Hoc Support session, however, you cannot download the temporary Ad Hoc Support software on a Mac so you cannot support a Mac user with Ad Hoc Support.

    While connected through Ad Hoc Support, can I install the regular client and make the computer a permanent part of my Central account?

    No. If you'd like to make the end-user a permanent machine on your Central account, you will need to add that computer to your list and the end-user downloads the regular client software. You also cannot install the permanent host software using the Ad Hoc Support installer.

    Do end-users need to have admin privileges?

    Yes, the end-user must have admin rights on the computer in order to install the Ad Hoc Support software.

    How is Ad Hoc Support different from Central?

    Though Ad Hoc support and Central are similar in that you don't need an existing host installed to remotely access a computer, there are several differences. Ad Hoc only allows one concurrent support session, while Central allows multiple sessions. Central is intended to support many customers at once and provides a robust feature set to do so, such as a Technician Console, Admin Center, etc. On the other hand, Ad Hoc Support is designed to supplement an IT professional's remote management tool kit with the ability to run one-time support sessions with atypical end-users as needed.

    Is there a limit to how many Ad Hoc Support sessions I can run?

    There is no limit on the amount of ad hoc support sessions that can be run, but only five (5) sessions can be active at a time. To start a new Ad Hoc Support session after five have been started, one of the previous session must be canceled.

    Is screen blanking available during an Ad Hoc Support session?

    Yes, you will have access to your remote control features during an Ad Hoc Support session, including screen blanking, file transfer, etc.